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                              WE ALL HAVE A JOB TO DO

So in a time of instantaneous communication, plus a public spirited citizenry, plus a great deal of creative intelligence, plus a desperate need to generate jobs: if there were ever a time for a coordinated effort to generate new ideas for job creation it is surely now.

Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • The President should appoint a job czar whose first task is to call for the equivalent of the Manhatten Project to generate meaningful jobs… which probably would include training and what ever else it takes to implement such a program.
  • If the governement dilly dallies then we need a grass roots call for such action.
  • Perhaps some foundation such as The Gates Foundation, or IBM, or a consortium of such large organizations can begin the ball rolling…
  • In the meantime – there is a pressing need for intelligent ideas.
  • In this connection I invite interested parties to list with brief explanations you ideas for meaningful job creation.
  • It is not enough to passively bitch, moan and groan – this is a time to act.
  • The following are a few ideas I have:

Meaningful Job Creation Ideas:

  1. There is an urgent need to formulate a nation wide (the wolrd included in my scheme) implementation of therapeutic communities treating substance abusers. I know they work – the evidence is overwhelming. They are cost effective, humane, and would generate thousands of positions for mental health workers, grand parents acting as mentors, teachers and trainers etc.
  2. There is an urgent need for thousands upon thousands of home care givers to take up the slack of an accelerating older population to say nothing of the thousands of disabled vets returning from the war front who are woefully lacking essential care.

These are only two sound ideas. There are probably thousands more. I urge all of you to respond… and if you have no ideas that come to mind then ask a few of your friends and see if they have some.

This is a call to action….. The times demand action …. Technology makes it possible to do so in relatively short order.

It is a fact that newspapers respond to letters to the editor. So come on folks take a moment, channel your passion into a few key strokes, and respond to my queery.


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