Despicable Me movie trailer (Youtube video) 2010

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The executive producer of “Ice Age” is bringing forth what looks like another great animated film!  This one has an interesting twist which is like “The Anti-Incredibles” because it involves the antics of a supervillain named “Gru”.  Gru is considered the #2 super villain of the world and in the movie he’s looking for a way to outsmart his biggest rival, the #1 Super villain, “Vector”.  However, Gru hits a snag.  He meets three orphan girls who want him to be their dad.  So the hilarity ensues from there because he is despicable yet somehow lovable!

I’ve got to admit the trailer for this has some real funny spots including Grue revealing he stole the Statue of Liberty, then adding it was the small version to the groan of a crowd of employees.  This one will star the voice of Steve Carrell as the main villain character “Gru”.  Also in the voice roles are Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, Will Arnett and Miranda Cosgrove.  Ken Jeong of “The Hangover” will lend his voice as a talk show host, while SNL alum Kirsten Wiig will be “Miss Hattie”.  Seems like quite the cast!

“Despicable Me” the movie will arrive in theaters on July 9, 2010 and I think this one should be a winner.  However, it is coming out just a week or so after that “Twilight” movie, so it could have a small bit of box office trouble.  Let’s hope it does well, because based on the previews it looks like a funny alternative to the Shreks and Toy Story’s of the theater!

More info about Despicable Me at the official movie site!

Check out the Despicable Me movie trailer below via YouTube video!  Does this look like one for you and/or the kids or family?

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