Destination Hilo – Lili'uokalani Garden – Part II

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As we continue to stroll through the beautiful Japanese Yedo style gardens, we pass lanterns and cross bridges






















On the day of this visit, a ‘summer camp’ group had taken over the park – I learned by asking one of the adults nearby that this was part of the Hui Okinawa Summer Fun Camp -  Hui is the Hawaiian word for group or club.  There were 49 kids and at least half that many adults, all wearing bright yellow tee-shirts with the Hui Okinawa logo.  It was not easy taking all these pictures while trying to avoid catching glimpses of the gaggle of yellow shirted keiki (children) darting to and fro.






















The day was overcast and we had had off and on rain.  In a way, I was happier with the effect than if the whole place had been flooded with bright sunlight.





















The Waihonu Pond is fed with brackish sea water from Hilo Bay.  Many of the children that were visiting the park that day were carrying fishing poles, little plastic bags with bait and buckets with water in which to put their catch.













The little red pagoda bridge as seen from another angle as we round the pond on the way back to the car.





















As we near the parking area between the bay and the park, we run into the last lantern in this area, surrounded by cycads and palms….   

If you visit Hilo and the park, be sure to continue exploring all the little pockets and thickets.  Today’s stroll might have covered a total of 5 to 8 acres of the 30 that comprise the park and it was mostly a stroll around the Waihonu Pond. 


Destination Hilo – Lili’uokalani Gardens – Part I

The Japanese Tea House at the Hilo Lili’uokalani Gardens


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