Destination: Swannanoa Day #3

Up earlier than we realized because our cell phones had made the time change without informing us and they both jingled their alarm clocks accordingly. I guess Kentucky is Eastern Time, not Central Time.

Back in Chicago, I had filled the tank with gasoline at $3.93 a gallon. In Frankfort, KY, I filled up at $3.36 a gallon. Interesting how the price varies so widely within the United States. I picked up some cherries and pea pods for my driving munchies and off we went.

Driving into the mountains for the first time (I’ve been in the mountains, but have never driven myself), was more tense than driving in Minnesota. Nonetheless, I found it exhilerating. The girls saw their first crops of tobacco, too. I can also say that I’ve driven a car straight through a mountain.

Daughter identified many turkey vultures today as well as some silly names of places or other topography. I think the South has especially colorful, rich language. She took the gorgeous picture of French Broad River, too.


We stopped in Knoxville, Tennessee for lunch. The people were warm, but the city itself was not very user-friendly. I had a hard time finding my way around, finding parking, and finding a place to eat. Thank goodness for Pete.















We drove into Ashville, North Carolina and drove straight to the college. It’s tucked into the mountain and sits in a very intimate cohesion with its surroundings. More on that tomorrow.

My daughter found a place online, Mama Gerties, that is perfect. Check out the video.


We took exit 55 from I-40E to the college in the mountains. But before that, we left

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