Destination: Swannonoa, North Carolina Day #1

I’m driving my daughter to college. She and her sister and I are on our way. We intended to start at noon and what-da-ya-know, it happened! We packed the rented mini-van, stopped at Bean Good Cafe for something to sip and took off for Chicago exactly at 12:00 pm.



The driving was a breeze except that the closer we came to Chicago, the faster the vehicles drove. Many motorcycles zipped by topping 80 mph! One in particular weaved in and out like a needle on a thread, very tight with no margin for error. And I’m thankful to Mr. Brozek who advised me to keep to the right and bring lots of coins. Tolls, tolls, tolls. 






Enjoyed dinner at a Thai restaurant in Oak Park, Illinois–a suburb of Chicago–with a cyber-friend of over 12 years. The cyber- qualifier ought to be dropped, I think.  






We searched around for a cheap motel and landed in Calumet at the Motel 6. Carmen, at the desk, was particularly welcoming and a bright spot to our tired eyes.

In the morning, we’ll have breakfast over on Lake Michigan before heading toward Memphis.

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