Destination: Swannonoa, North Carolina Day #2

Up at 6:30, but took time to stretch and make sure my eyes were ready to open.

They were and we were off for breakfast by Lake Michigan. To our surprise, the address I’d found online was NOT Sara’s Service, but someone’s private house. When we knocked on their door to ask for eggs and waffles, they…okay, we didn’t knock on the door, but we did drive to an address that wound its way through residential areas, industrial areas, and finally a deadend.

So we stopped at a grocery store and bought a few items, asked a woman walking with her children on the sidewalk for directions to Lake Michigan, and kept driving. Side note: the grocery was perfect, I was able to buy my kefir, whole grain bread and some cashews. I also picked up cherry tomatoes–yesterday it was pea pods–to snack on while driving.

We were able to see Chicago skyline across the Lake, which we hadn’t done before because of the darkness and wild driving last night.

I have a hard time following directions. My left looks like my right and I often get lost. But I am fortunate to have an inner compass so in our quest to leave the Chicago area and drive to North Carolina, I “followed my nose” and drove east on several different roads including a “Private Drive” (oops!) and then found I-65 South as I knew we’d have to take that interstate through the length of Indiana.    

After 150 miles, I started to wonder what they do with all that corn!
My daughter identified a raptor for me as my eyes were on the road and I could only glimpse an amazing wing span startle out of the trees overhead: turkey vulture, confirmed by its bald head. We saw this shortly after crossing the Kannecke Creek in Indiana.

It was also a great place for wind farms and we saw a huge quantity of wind  turbines. They blew us right into Indianapolis. We stopped for a leg stretch and a bite to eat. Then we wandered about their public parks and looked at their art work.














We crossed over the Ohio River, which is at its widest point just west of Louisville, into Kentucky.






The terraine shifted from flat to hilly and rocky. We pulled in at Frankfort and decided to call it a day.






Tomorrow, Lexington, Knoxville, and Swannanoa!


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