Destiny of the Wolf, by Terry Spear

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Terry Spear’s wolves are neither wild nor tame. They live in modern day small towns, keeping their identity secret from their human friends, running hospitals, schools, police stations, bars… There’s a human girl who wants to be a nurse, but sick werewolves aren’t quite the same as sick humans. And there’s a girl who’s pretending to be human, but wolves can tell the difference straight away.


Terry Spear’s wolves are sensual, sweet, dangerous and delightful, and her stories are full of intriguing details about a life so different from our own. From the family dynamics of multiple births to the curious etiquette of clothes-shedding and shape-shifting, the background to this tale rings so true I find myself listening in the night—are there wolves in Oregon?


One of Terry’s packs is in Oregon, though not the one the story centers on, not that that was a problem. (I’ll just have to read her other book.) Scenery and weather are as beautifully described as the animals, people and stories. Darien’s dream wife has committed suicide. Her twin sister infiltrates the pack in search of more information, and rumors immediately fly that she wants to take her sister’s place as the pack leader’s wife. But Darien and Lelandi are already falling in love, and someone is not above committing murder to keep them apart.


As the story progresses, the reader learns of silver bullets, rapid healing, frozen winters, underwear worn under ancient hooped skirts, and the essence of lovemaking coupled with the senses of the wolf. It all makes for a passionate, enjoyable read, full of action, mystery and romance, with love and betrayal lending spice and intrigue to the mix.




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