Detailed Professional Resume for Chris Harding: Chemical Engineer/Biological Scientist with pictorial example of Vice-President’s Awards.

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Chris Harding



Chris Harding, Guest-Editor for a United Nations Population Fund website: Conversations for a Better World



Cover Letter

Article: A Validation Engineer’s perspective: A Technical Perspective on women’s liberation through the Pill.

Article: A Change in the US Food and Drug Administration Opinion on Process Validation: What has Changed? Comparison.



To earn a position as a chemical engineer, validation engineer, or any position that utilizes my knowledge!

Important Note:

In 2007, I divorced, moved to Oregon, visited family, and attempted to gain entrance into a pharmacy program during the economic downturn. Although a competitive candidate, I did not matriculate. As such, I am excited about reentering industry or research. As you will see, I now have a degree in Biological Sciences that compliments my Chemical Engineering degree.




Dr. William M. Scholl College, Aug 2004 to Aug 2006

of Podiatric Medicine,

Degree Date: February 2006

BS Biological Sciences

GPA: 3.5


Oregon State University, Sept 1996 to June 1999

Graduation Date: June 1999

BS Chemical Engineering

GPA: 3.3




Food and Drug Administration, July 2002 to July 2003

Contact: Stephen Eich, (847-249-8632)

Consumer Safety Officer

Performed product security inspections, counter terrorism inspections, food inspections, special investigations, and assisted with basic pharmaceutical/biotech inspections.

    • Regulatory training, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point training and certification, Import training and current Good Manufacturing training.
    • Oral and written communication experience.
    • Assisted with inspection of a radiative sterilization process.
    • Earned a cash award.


Day and Zimmermann Validation, Nov 2001 to May 2002

Contact: Alveretta Mobley, (215-299-8288)

Validation Specialist III

Assisted pharmaceutical companies with developing, writing and execution of installation, operation and performance qualification protocols.

    • Equipment: pharmaceutical packaging and filling machines, aseptic filling equipment, vial washer, autoclaves and depyrogenation.
    • Engineering Studies: Worked with operators and maintenance personnel to troubleshoot equipment, gather data and solve problems.
      • Aseptic filler: Reduced an aseptic filling process numerous data outliers to several, which allowed validation activities to succeed.
      • Packaging equipment: Eliminated product damage by determining the equipment had a bent frame. Since the frame could not be replaced, I worked with maintenance personnel to optimize the process speed and equipment adjustments while reducing damage to packaging cartons.
    • Statistics: Statistical Process Control, F-Test, t-test, and simple pattern recognition techniques were used to analyze and resolve problems.


Abbott Laboratories, Jan 2000 to Nov 2001

Contact: Eric Nielsen, (847-937-6100)

Process Support Engineer

Used basic statistics, thermodynamics, phase equilibrium, enthalpies of vaporization, fluid mechanics, material balances, energy balances, organic chemistry, and other chemical engineering principles to solve complex engineering properties.

    • Evaluated the methylation part of the batch process.
      • Statistics: Used Statistical Process Control, F-Test, t-test, and simple pattern recognition techniques to evaluate the process.
      • Provided suggestions on equivalent changes.
    • Performed deviation studies and Corrective Action Preventative Action investigations.
      • Evaluated and solved a significant process deviation: Used material and energy balances, basic thermodynamics and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and PI process data to successfully resolve issues.
    • Monitored process, collected DCS data and batch record data, organized data and distributed to international community.
    • Operator Safety:
      • Used thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and engineering studies to eliminate several safety concerns related to EPA and OSHA regulations.
    • Process Improvements:
      • Better Operator Safety.
      • Increased wet-cake gross weight.


Abbott Laboratories

Contact: Philip Schultz, (847-937-6100)

Chemical Engineer

Assisted Cross Functional Team with Common Process Validation of Abbott Diagnostic Division Top 21 products.

    • Test-Method Development:
      • Suggested, researched, analyzed and purchased a robust particle sizing technology.
      • Authored the Standard Operating Procedure, assisted with Validation Protocol development, and reduced particle sizing test-methods from numerous to several NIST user standardization methods by suggesting laser diffraction particle sizing, which earned a personal visit by CEO, Miles White.
      • Performed literature research and assisted with troubleshooting protein quantification method.
      • Process Improvements:
        • Reduced: raw micro-particle waste, common process validation time, and operator training period.
        • Increased: operator intra- and inter- operator repeatability and process control.
      • Test method characterization: Created a High Performance Liquid Chromatography conductrimetric and inverted absorption method for detection in near part per billion range.
    • Engineering Studies: Discovered and solved floor model centrifuge firmware error.
      • Allowed the process to meet an appropriate set-point temperature.
    • Per Vice President’s request, I assisted with successfully restructuring the methodology of the mixing team common process.
      • Emphasized the importance of non-ideal thermodynamics, diffusivity, and mass-transfer properties while mixing complex mixtures.
      • Suggested a new worse case compound based on the entropic and molecular properties of polymers.
      • Discussed the importance of the mass transfer Peclet number.
      • Performed literature searches and provided examples of simple ionic mixtures with complex interactions.
    • Prepared reports: consistently prepared written reports detailing my projects progress, which earned an honorable email from the Vice President of Research and Validations.
    • Oral presentation: Provided oral presentations on laser diffraction particle sizing and mixing.


Radco Industries, Aug 1999 to Dec 1999

Contact: Robert Damiani, (630-232-7966)

Fluid Specialist Engineer

Sales and technical support engineer for heat transfer fluids, and an onsite engineer for reprocessing optimization.

    • As an onsite engineer:
      • Performed tray and reflux calculations for a binary distillation process.
      • Suggested a minimum number of trays for the future distillation column.
        • The suggestion matched the manufactures suggestion.


NGU Logging, June 1998

Contact: Mike Phillips, (541-247-6785)


    • Worked in the Oregon Mountains as a logger for four weeks.
    • Pulled cables up and down a mountain.


Oregon State University, Oct 1997 to Apr 1998

Industrial Assessment Center

Contact: Greg Wheeler, (541-737-2674)

Student Worker

    • Visited small companies and evaluated their energy and waste processes.
    • Suggested new methods of saving energy, utilizing waste, and earning profits.
    • Performed engineering calculations.


Southwestern Oregon Community College, Sept 1993 to 1996

Contact: Sharon Miller, (541-888-7301)


    • Chosen by professors and peers to tutor science and math.
    • Used communication skills to explain difficult concepts in various ways.


US Army, June 1988 to Jan 1992

Contact: US Army

Combat Engineer

    • Chosen as squad and commander’s driver by two independent commanders.
    • Lead a squad as an assistant squad leader.
    • Chosen for Swiss March team and Berlin training prior to the Berlin Wall destruction.




FDA, July 2002 to July 2003

Consumer Safety Officer

Contact: Stephen Eich, (847-249-8632)

  • Lead the in-house inspection of supplies and discovered outdated supplies and equipment.
  • Lead multiple warehouse inspections and product security inspections.


DAY AND ZIMMERMANN, Nov 2001 to May 2002

Validation Specialist

Contact: Alveretta Mobley, (215-299-8288)

    • Lead a data analysis evaluation of an aseptic filling process and reduced numerous mass outliers to a few, which allowed the equipment to be validated and used in processing.
    • Lead an engineering study that discovered why a piece of equipment was malfunctioning, which allowed the five-month deactivated piece to be reinstated.


ABBOTT LABORATORIES, Jan 2000 to Nov 2001

Process Support Engineer

Contact: Eric Nielsen, (847-937-6100)

    • Lead data analysis of past data and suggested new process parameters that significantly changed the process wet-cake mass.
    • Discovered the cause of a process deviation while working a twenty-four hour shift, and performed necessary calculations to allow continuation of batch drug processing.
    • Lead several batch drug process Investigations and Deviations to determine the overall effect.
    • Lead and solved a chemical waste problem that was endangering fellow employees.



Chemical Engineer

Contact: Philip Schultz, (847-937-6100)

    • Lead particle sizing strategy, suggested a user standardization methodology to corporate level consultants, and eliminated a need for sixteen to twenty-one different test methods.
    • Lead the mixing team common process in a new and successful direction, and suggested a new worse-case mixing compound based on simple thermodynamics.
    • Lead the development of an HPLC method characterization.
    • Lead the purchasing of validation equipment for the micro-particle common process.
    • Received three Vice-Presidents awards.


RADCO INDUSTRIES, Aug 1999 to Dec 1999

Chemical Engineer

Contact: Robert Damiani, (630-232-7966)

    • Lead the successful engineering design of a binary component batch distillation column.


WORKFORCE 2000, Sept 1994 to Dec 1995


Contact: Sharon Miller, (541-888-7301)

    • Lead the development of math courses for credit debt high school students.
    • Lead the development of math courses for adult learners leaving the fishing and logging industry and returning to the workforce.


US ARMY, June 1988 to Jan 1992

Assistant Squad Leader

Contact: US Army

    • Lead the training of company headquarters drivers.
    • Lead a squad of seven men in military training.
    • Lead the maintenance of the unit armory.






    • Durlacher Honor Society


OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY, Sept 1998 to June 1999

    • Honor Roll



    • Honor Roll





Contact: Dr. John L. Bostanche, DPM


    • Shadowed Dr. Bostanche on multiple occasions during the summer of 2004 and summer of 2005.


FAMILY FOOT CLINIC, July 2005 to Aug 2005

Contact: Dr. Alyssa K. Stephenson, DPM


    • Shadowed Dr. Stephenson and Dr. Thompson on multiple occasions during summer of 2005.


Dr. TERRY SANDERS, DPM, July 2005 to Aug 2005

Contact: Dr. Terry Sanders, DPM


    • Shadowed Dr. Sanders on multiple occasions during breaks and summer of 2005.


NEXTSTEP RECYCLING, Feb 2009 to Mar 2009

Contact: NextStep


    • Helped assemble computers for needy children around the world!


Chris Harding · Indiana



Abbott Laboratories Gift Certificate-one of many, Abbott Laboratories Vice-President’s Award-one of three, and a Biological Sciences Peer Evaluation:


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