Details About Snooki and J-Woww’s New Show Have Been Leaked

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A few details about Jersey Shore stars Snooki and J-Woww’s new show have been leaked. We now know a bit about the general plot of the show. It’s going to be wild!


The show will follow Snooki as she finally decides to move out of her parent’s house. She and J-Woww are moving in together! What a disaster, right? Exactly. According to TMZ, the girls have a rough time trying to buy a house. First of all, the house they have their eye on costs a cool $1.5 million. Sounds amazing! Except, neither one of them know what the word “mortgage” means. They also can’t write a check.

Seriously? Is this real? It canÂ’t be! How can you get through 20 odd years of life without knowing basic things like what a mortgage is? If this isnÂ’t an act, their parents failed. ItÂ’s understandable (sort of) that they donÂ’t know how to write a check. After all, most bills are paid now electronically through debit cards and online banking, but to not understand the basic terms of home ownership is mind blowing!

It seems like things arenÂ’t all sunshine and bronzer though. The girls reportedly fight about housekeeping duties and food. Jenni gets mad that Snooki left a mess in the bathroom and didnÂ’t change the toilet paper and she also accuses Snooki of eating all her food. They sound like a married couple!

Will you watch Snooki and J-WowwÂ’s new show? Sound off below!

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