Details in Murder of June Guerry and Dana Woods Are Suspicious

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It was confirmed that the body of June Guerry was discovered approximately 10 miles away from the body of Dana Woods. Both young women had been shot to death, and the car driven by Dana was burned thoroughly. There are some new details in this horrific case, but they only shed suspicion over the entire story. It’s being reported that someone followed a white male, who was driving the vehicle belonging to Woods, down Highway 52 until they turned onto Highway 402. However, the family member stopped following the car at that point. By this time, the two young women had been missing for nearly an entire day.

So why did this alleged family member stop following the strange man driving the car? This stretch of road presumably led to the bodies of the missing women and the burning car, so it’s confusing to consider why a person would only slightly follow a suspicious character driving the vehicle of their missing loved one. It wasn’t but shortly later that the smoldering car was found just about 100 yards from the body of Dana Woods, which led to the later discovery of the body of June Guerry. Is it at all possible that the family member, or whoever it was following the vehicle, had some kind of knowledge of this or suspicion? Especially in a small town, one would think that a loved one wouldn’t stop following someone if it’s believed that he either stole the vehicle or knew where the girls were at the time. In fact, one would figure that the cops would have been called immediately while the car was being followed. However, it’s not reported that things went down like that at all.

Why were June and Dana murdered? They were reportedly with “friends” the last time they were heard of but quickly dropped out of sight. Who were these so called friends? Were these individuals involved in a shady lifestyle? The way in which the two girls were murdered indicates a variety of things. Perhaps they were murdered with a motive of money. There are no reports of the two women being sexually assaulted before their murders, so it’s unknown if sex was the motive. The gunshot wounds to the heads of the two women indicate that their deaths were delivered quickly, so as to rid the suspect of their presences. The burning of the car indicates the disposal of evidence, so as to cleanse the vehicle of any signs of the perp’s DNA or other telling details. However, the idea that the bodies weren’t burned in the car is perplexing. There seems to be an element to this case missing, so perhaps the only time the suspicion will be alleviated is when the suspect (or suspects) is/are found.

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