Details on ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Surgery

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Farrah Abraham recently revealed two new plastic surgeries that have drastically changed her look. While not everyone likes her new look, the Teen Mom is very happy with her new features and now, the plastic surgeon who performed the surgery, is coming forward and releasing details about the procedures.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer revealed to Radar Online that he initially spoke with Farrah about the procedures over Skype. As she has already told her fans, she planned on only getting a nose job, but after speaking to the surgeon, he suggested the chin implant. According to him, her chin was “weak,” and after presenting this to her, Farrah agreed to the surgery.

Even though many people feel that Farrah Abraham looks a lot different, the surgeon said she wasn’t trying to completely change her look saying she, “wanted to make sure she maintained the same Farrah look that people have come to know and love and not lose her ethnicity in any way.”

It’s great that she didn’t want to change her looks too much, but many fans feel that the surgery was unnecessary. Farrah is very happy with her look, though, and even revealed that she was given a book to help her explain her change to Sophia. She has even said that she tells the 3-year-old that “mommy wanted to be a beautiful butterfly.”

A lot of young women have self-esteem issues. While they may like who they are, the media has painted an image of women that is unattainable. No matter how much plastic surgery a woman undergoes, she will never be able to reach the media’s standards of perfection, mainly because those standards are photoshopped and fake. If Farrah Abraham is happy with herself and doing these procedures to make herself (rather than others) happy, that is all that matters.

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