Detective and Teen Daughter Stabbed to Death

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A detective in San Diego and her teenage daughter were found stabbed to death at their estate today. This gruesome discovery also came with an even more gruesome conclusion that proves that sometimes you can’t even trust your loved ones and those with whom you share your home.

Dead: Briana Williams was found stabbed to death on the lawn of her San Diego home

When police responded to a call at the residence of 52-year-old Donna Williams, they discovered the nude, bloodied body of her teenage daughter, Briana Williams. She had been stabbed multiple times and left to die. Her brother, 24-year-old Brian Williams, was sitting in the lawn near the dead teen’s body and was immediately arrested on suspicion of murder. When investigators entered the home, they found the body of Donna Williams, the mother of the dead teen and murder suspect. She had also been stabbed numerous times. The weapon was discovered in the yard.

Donna Williams was a well-liked, veteran detective overseeing child crimes in the district, and her brutal murder has shocked the entire San Diego area. It isn’t known exactly why the two women were stabbed to death, but police did say that they responded to the home during a domestic dispute involving the accused murderer, but the family sent the police away, saying the dispute had been resolved.

31-year veteran: San Diego police detective Donna Williams was stabbed to death at her home along with her 18-year-old daughter

It’s disturbing to hear that the 24-year-old man brutally stabbed his sister and left her in the nude in their front yard, but police have found no signs of sexual assault. Family members also told investigators that the young woman frequently slept in the nude, but how someone would know that is kind of a mystery unless she wasn’t shy about her body around the home.

Suspect: Brian Williams, 24, has been arrested on two counts of suspicion of murder after he was found beside the body of his sister

Who knows why Brian Williams stabbed his mother and sister to death? Hopefully he’ll reveal a motive eventually and investigators will be able to determine whether there was a real motive or if he’s insane.

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