Devon James 15th Mistress of Tiger Woods Goes Public With Affair Details (PHOTO)

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Another Tiger Woods mistress, Devon James, comes out of hiding (after all this time) and decides she would contribute to the Tiger Woods saga in admitting their 2 year affair.  Seems a little late after Tiger went through therapy, apologized for his wrongdoings, interviewed with ESPN and is back with wife Elin.

But there’s always the stragglers, so why not follow suit as Joslyn James published text messages on her website.

The new mistress’s is Devon James from Tampa, FL and works as an adult entertainer.  Radar online reported her coming forward to reveal her affair with Tiger.  Devon called into a radio show Tuesday called ‘Bubba The Love Sponge’ radio show with her claims of having an affair with Tiger Woods.

Devon claims her affair took place from 2006 – 2008.  The affair started when Tiger paid for Devon and a co-worker to have a threesome, paying each of them $2,000. 

Tiger provided Devon with his personal phone number after the threesome meeting.  From then on, Tiger sent Devon “dirty” text messages and continued with the affair. She also stated Tiger wanted to be the dominant one during their sexual “meetings”.

Devon said she can obtain old phone records to prove the affair if need be.  She did not come out with the affair details earlier in the drama because she had felt bad. 

Well, what good is it now?  What does Devon really think is going to come of her affair at this point?  Her moment of fame just like all the other women?  Seriously.

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