‘Dexter ‘A Little Reflection’ Recap: A Few Surprises in Dexter’s Life

Just when they thought things were getting back to normal, Dexter and Debra were in for a big surprise in Dexter season 8 episode 6, “A Little Reflection.”

'Dexter' season 8 episode 6 photos from "A Little Reflection"An apprentice? With the show coming to an end and what that could mean for its title character, it’s not actually too surprising where the storyline is going after this episode. Without solid proof of Zach Hamilton’s possible murder, Dexter decided to keep an eye on him and see where it led. Did he belong on his table? That’s what he thought, though Dr. Vogel had something else in mind: training him to be the next generation of Dexter. Dexter wasn’t exactly on board with that plan and continued on his path of vetting him for his table, but when he did finally get him there after catching him stalking his father, Zach revealed that he had killed because his father’s affairs were driving his mother to drink herself to death. But Dexter knew he also had a desire to kill, and in the end, he decided to take him on as his apprentice, just like Dr. Vogel had hoped.

Dexter plays couples’ guru for his own good Poor Quinn. Angel pushed for him to take the Sergeant’s exam only to give the job to Miller. Fortunately for Dexter, Quinn admitted that he was worried about Jamie’s reaction while they were watching Zach, so Dexter used that to his advantage and got her to call him up to come over when he spotted him while stalking Zach for his table. Quinn left, thinking Dexter was just “playing detective” when he saw him. For someone who talked about everyone in the department having their own problems, he continues to be completely oblivious to the truth about the guy right next to him.

Remember her? Things were finally getting back to normal for Dexter and Debra, as the family that kills together apparently stays together, with dinner of steaks (though they could’ve done with better steaks that would be “worth living for”) and chats about their lives—including where they were by the end of the episode. However, that was when Hannah decided to reappear in their lives, and she made quite the entrance, dosing both of them.

Other developments:

  • Deb helped Elway prove his sister’s boyfriend was a cheater, and it was to the surprise of no one when he overreacted to the guy getting too close to her.
  • Masuka had Deb look into Niki’s background, and when he saw that she had a lot of debt, he just assumed that she wanted his money. So instead of waiting like Deb suggested, he wrote her a check and gave it to her, which led to Niki upset and pointing out how hard it was for her to contact him.
  • Harrison continued to be adorable, though he had picked up his father’s habit of lying after breaking the TV remote. (Let’s hope he doesn’t pick up certain other habits of his father’s.) He also caught Dexter in a lie and had “rescued” his bloody stuffed dog, which Dexter had to convince him to keep hidden under his bed.
  • Dexter lost his chance with Cassie after a failed date on the beach (how do you tell someone what you’re passionate about when you’re a serial killer?), but since Hannah’s back in his life, that’s probably for the best, at least for Cassie’s continued survival.

What did you think of Dexter season 8 episode 6 “A Little Reflection”?

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