Dexter Gives Julia Stiles a Safe Place (Video)

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Showtime seeks to further taunt, or intrigue, Dexter fans with its latest release called “Safe Place.” In this clip from next week’s episode, Dexter is tending to Julia Stiles, whom he found hiding in the stairwell while he was killing Boyd Fowler. He tries to give her antibiotics, and assures her that she is in a safe place. He tries to connect with her, finding out her name is Rachel. Yet, he still refuses to let her go.

This clip shows us two sides of Dexter. There is that compassionate, human side, that seeks to help Rachel. Then, there is that self-serving side that strives to protect his Dark Passenger. The two sides are at odds with each other, and Dexter is contradicting himself.

At the same time, Dexter is stuck with a terrible dilemma. If he allows Rachel to live, she can report him, and thus put an end to his killing days. At the same time, if he kills her, he is breaking Harry’s code that he has worked so hard to maintain.

Dexter has already broken Harry’s rules. He killed an innocent man back in Episode 4.7, “Slack Tide.” When he was camping with Cody, he snuck out in the middle of the night to kill a man he suspected of being a murderer. It turned out the victim’s assistant was the guilty party. And, now by Rachel discovering him in his kill room, he has broken the second rule.

Is Dexter getting too relaxed with breaking the rules now? Will this become the plot twist from him finally showing some more “human” emotions? It seems unlikely that he will try to keep her hostage. He tried that with Sgt. Doakes in Season 2, and it was difficult to do.

Dexter airs on Showtime on Sundays at 9 p.m., with a replay at 11 p.m. Further replays are on various Showtime channels throughout the week. It is also available on Showtime On Demand.

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