‘Dexter’ Season 4 Episode 3

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I find myself hiding my eyes under the blanket and walking away from the television during this episode 3 of ‘Dexter.’  Yet I cannot stop watching the show, it may be that I keep hoping Frank Lundy and Debra catch the Trinity Killer, or Dexter will finally get a full nights sleep.  This episode 3 of season 4 kept me watching but never put me at ease.

Dexter’s trying to fit in with normal people and hold normal relationships must fake it again.  The neighborhood has become very neighborly–backyard barbeque, carpooling, neighborhood night watch; everyone learning everything about everyone.  To make matters worse local vandal begins to stir up trouble and the neighborhood watch is in full swing; also since his concussion Rita (Dexter’s wife) has insisted on driving him everywhere truly limiting Dexter’s mobility for his nighttime endeavors.

Meanwhile, the Trinity Killer destroys his next victim, just like Lundy suspected.  Debra becomes pulled to Lundy’s theories about Trinity, while Dexter finds himself in wonderment of Trinity’s skilled killing techniques.  The way Trinity kills his second victim of Season 4 made my entire body hurt; thinking about it I am sure this is the most horrible “killing” I have ever watched on television… if you watched it you know why…if you didn’t, ask someone who has.

Despite this “killing” LaGuerta threatens to shut down the investigation to focus instead on bringing the Vacation Murderers to justice.

I am drawn to this show for reasons I cannot fully express.  I am rooting for Dexter to help catch the Trinity Killer and to get his home life in check.

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