Dexter Season 4 Episode 5

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Did you watch Dexter last night?  Episode 5 of Season 4 proved to be, once again, an exciting adventure, the drama never stops.  Dexter still battles his two lives–family man and serial killer–and gets caught in between.

Last episode ended with Lundy and Deb lying on the ground after being shot.  Deb manages to stay alive; Lundy was not so lucky.  Deb had a breakdown about ruining peoples lives she touches.  She was angry, sad, hurt, guilty, etc… I think that she is going to take part in the revenge of Lundy’s “potential” killer, Trinity.

Dexter Season 4, has demonstrated that Dexter is not slowing down.  Episode 5 Rita waits for Dexter in his apartment he supposedly gave up once they got married.  Rita confronts Dexter about what he is hiding.  He, being the great liar he is, tells her he is just keeping old guns here because he does not want them in their house.  She sees the guns, but not the hidden drawer underneath it with the syringes.  Rita “believes” him and tells him that he has just gotten too good at lying and she cannot figure out what is true anymore.  This means Dexter has to prove to Rita his commitment to his family and her.

Meanwhile, Dexter knows who the Trinity Killer is.  He went to Trinity’s next location, but could not stop Trinity from murdering his next victim.  But Dexter did get a face, and he follows Trinity home only to realize Trinity is a husband, father, Deacon, philanthropist, etc… Episode 5 of Season 4 Dexter realizes that Trinity is much like himself, although next episode I think we are going to find out why Trinity kills, something about his past is going to come out.

John Lithgow is a great Trinity, he is creepy yet has that “family man” quality to him, much like Michael Hall who plays Dexter.  I think it is a brilliant juxtaposition done by the writers.  I look forward to much more Dexter, it a truly a well done show.

Dexter Season 4 is on Showtime at 9PM… don’t miss it! If you do I will always tell you what you missed!!

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