Dexter Season 4 Episode 7

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I missed Dexter on Sunday night, thankfully I watched it last night on demand.  I was glad I watched it on demand this episode was really slow and I was able to pause it and do other things then come back to it.  However slow the episode was it was crucial in the development of Dexter’s character.

Episode 7 Dexter keeps getting close to Trinity.  He likes the advice Trinity gives about being a “family man” and spending time with him.  This episode Trinity takes Dexter to cut down a tree in order to use the lumber for something. . . we find out later in the show that Trinity is building a coffin with it, for whom? We don’t know.  On the way back from chopping down the tree Trinity hits a deer as it is crossing the road.  Dexter pushes Trinity to kill it to put in out of its misery, however, Trinity–the serial killer–cannot bring himself to kill the deer; Dexter uses an ax and kills it with ease.  He has had numerous chances to kill Trinity, but for some reason thinks he can learn a lot from him and isn’t ready to put him down.

Dexter learns from Trinity that in order to have more time to himself he has to push his kids into activities.  He signs his son up for a Young Sailors Club, not knowing that he would have to go on the camping trip with him.  Rita is appreciative of Dexter’s efforts to be a better father and is satisfied with his behavior for now.

At the Miami Metro another murder comes up.  A model from South America whose arm was found inside an alligator.  Dexter and the bureau believe the killer was a high class photographer who took brutal sexual pictures of foreign models who routinely disappeared after being photographed.  Dexter sneaks out in the middle of the night during the camping trip to kill the photographer.  However the next day at the office they bring in the photographers assistant, with more than enough evidence the prove that he was the man to do commit all of the murders; Dexter realizes that he killed an innocent man the night before.  Season 4 is really developing Dexter’s character drastically, Michael C. Hall (Dexter) is really being pushed as an actor, and he plays it so well.

Dexter is going to have a major breakdown or break through next episode.  I just hope he does not go off the deep end.

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