Dexter Season 4 Episode 8

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Spoilers from Dexter Season 4 Episode 8–if you want to know continue…

This week on Dexter, episode 8, he always knew his father’s “code” was meant to protect him from exposure to real life.  After committing a serious mistake, Dexter wonders if his father’s “code” was designed to protect him from something even more dangerous–human emotion.  Episode 8 Trinity decides to take an unplanned getaway, giving Dexter the chance to gain more knowledge from and about Trinity.  Even Dexter is not prepared for Trinity’s surprises along the way.

While Dexter is away at a “conference,” Rita spends time with one of the father’s from the young sailors club, getting a little too comfortable.  Rita feeling lonely finds pleasure in having a man pay attention to her, however, she does not give in to her impulse. . .yet.

Season 4 has really exposed Dexter in a way that he has never been revealed before.  The serial killer turned family man looks into the life of Trinity, wondering if this will be how he turns out.  Meanwhile back at the metro Deb was so blinded by her desire to be on the Trinity case that she missed a huge piece of evidence.  When looking at her bullet wounds she realizes that Trinity could not have shot her, based on the angle of the two bullet wounds on her stomach.

At the “conference” Rita thinks he is, Trinity makes some startling revelations about his past, that Dexter is not prepared for.  However, these revelations make it all the more clear to Dexter that he must kill Trinity–only taking him until episode 8.  The most shocking moment for Dexter, he was all set to kill Trinity, but when he opened his hotel room, Trinity was no where to be found.  Dexter went to the Four Walls site and found Trinity about to commit suicide by jumping off the roof onto pointed metal rods.  Dexter saves him just in time–thinking he wants to be the one to kill him.  Dexter thinks that if he drops him, Trinity will still be dying by Dexter’s hand, unfortunately or fortunately other men from the site help Dexter pull Trinity to safety and praise Dexter as a hero.  So much for his anonymity.  Looks like episode 8 Trinity still lives.

I am so excited for the next episode where we gain even more insight into Trinity’s family, especially his son.  I also want to see who shot Deb and Lundy, this is one case that I have no clue, do you have a clue who shot Deb and Lundy?

What did you think of this episode 8 of Dexter?

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