Dexter Season 4 Finale [video]

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The season 4 finale of Dexter aired last night and what an episode.  For those who have followed Dexter since the beginning, in my opinion, I think that season 4 was the best season yet, and the finale, episode 12, only solidified my opinion.  It was full of shocking twists and turns that really kept me on my toes the whole episode.  Be aware that this article has a few spoilers in it, so if you haven’t seen the Dexter season 4 finale and don’t want to hear what happens, go watch it now!

The finale started with Trinity discovering who Kyle Butler really is, “Hello, Dexter Morgan.”  Now that Arthur Mitchell had Dexter in his sights, Dexter knows he must act quickly if he is to kill Trinity.  John Lithgow entirely embodies the character of Arthur Mitchell/Trinity Killer contributing a great deal to season 4 and really pushing Dexter to new heights.  Arthur Mitchell knows if Dexter is anything like himself he must act quickly and get out of town if he wants to continue his killings and live freely–he already knows that Dexter hasn’t and wont turn him in to the police, but has a feeling that the Miami Metro department is on the right track.  After leaving the police department Mitchell empties his savings accounts.  Dexter follows him and finally gets him using his injection to put Mitchell to sleep.  However on the chase to follow Trinity, Dexter hit a mirror off someones car–who ended up following him and getting the police involved.

So here we think that Dexter has finally got Trinity in the season finale, but we look at the time and it has only been fifteen minutes into the episode.  Therefore Dexter has to go deal with the police and the man whose car he hit.  Dexter’s impatience and his desire to get rid of Trinity  makes him “unruly” and the police arrest him for disorderly conduct and fleeing the seen of a crime (the mirror incident).  Rita picks him up from the police station, concerned about Dexter’s behavior.  When he gets back to his car Dexter goes to check to see if Trinity is still asleep in his van–he is gone.

The finale is shockingly good and John Lithgow’s character flows when he storms home after being attacked by Dexter.  His family is so startled and scared, he demands they give him all his money, jewelry, anything worth anything–he even demands his wife’s wedding ring.  This shows how inhuman he truly is, his one difference from Dexter.  This scene in the finale shows how his family is aware of what he can do, but unaware of what he has done, really eye opening.

Rita wants to go on a second honeymoon with Dexter, so she books a trip to an island and sends the older kids with their grandparents.  Dexter wants to finish some business, i.e. killing Trinity, so he asks if he can meet her there.  Debra is also on a case of her own, where she discovers her past, and that Dexter has a brother–the ice house murderer, however she does not uncover the whole truth.  Watch the video clip:

The end of the finale episode Arthur’s family is taken by the police for questioning and Arthur is crusing down the highway in his restored Mustang thinking that he has done it, fled the scene and got out scott-free.  When his car breaks down on an empty road in the dark he gets out to see what is wrong.  Dexter crawls out of the back and slams the top down on Trinity then injects him.  Trinity wakes up wrapped like all of Dexter’s victims.  Although this time is different, Trinity tells Dexter that fate is fate and he cannot escape his destiny.  Dexter plays the record Trinity loves and put a train around…then, finally, Dexter hills Trinity—first with a hammer.

At the very end of the finale episode Dexter is dropping Trinity’s body parts into the ocean, he looks up at the moon and for the first time season 4 acknowledges and admits that he absolutely loves Rita and wants to try to be a better husband and father–now that Trinity is gone, he knows that he can be the change he wants to see.  He goes home, excited to join Rita and Charlie (their baby) on vacation.  He gets a message from Rita that she forgot something, came home, and was going to get on a later flight, but that she would see him soon.  Dexter calls her to tell her that he is on his way when her phone rings in the house.  Then he hears the baby crying.  Dexter follows the noise into the bathroom where Rita is dead in the tub…just how Trinity kills his victims.  Charlie is sitting in Rita’s blood on the floor.  A juxtaposition of Dexter watching his mom die as a child, and his son watching his wife die… showing that the cycle continues, maybe Trinity was right he can’t stop or change his fate.

Season 4 ends with Dexter walking out of the bathroom holding his blood stained son.

The finale of Dexter season 4 was shockingly amazing.  I cannot wait to see what is in store for season 5; I cannot imagine what more they could do, or where their storyline will go, but that is why they are writers of a hit tv show and I am not :).

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