Dexter Season 5 Premiere: Episode 1 Sneak Peek- Never Make a Scene and A Grieving Spouse (Video)

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Sunday marks the most awesome event ever in television history: The fifth season premiere of Dexter. The hit Showtime series promises to be more suspenseful and complicated when it airs Sept. 26, thanks to the surprising death of his Dexter’s wife Rita, played by Julie Benz.

The normally repressed Dexter – brilliantly played three time Emmy nominated cancer survivor Michael C. Hall – will have to fight his natural urges, dodge bullets of suspicion and deal with being a widowed, single father.

The sympathetic vigilante serial killer is on the verge of losing everything: the kids, sister, job and life as the series continues exactly where it left off last season. New cast members Julias Stiles and Jonny Lee Miller, shake things up for Dexter this season but producers hint that it won’t in any way predictable. For those who don’t want to wait until Sunday to open your present, see how Dexter deals with first-time guilt, increased scrutiny and paranoia in these sneak peek clips from Episode 1.


Never Make a Scene


A Grieving Spouse

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