‘Dexter’ Season 7 Finale: Executive Producer Scott Buck on Shocking Ending, Season 8

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Dexter season 7 ended with a moment that you probably didn’t see coming. While it did seem to be leading to LaGuerta’s death, that didn’t happen how you may have guessed—on Dexter’s table.

Dexter season 7 finale Photo: Randy Tepper/ShowtimeInstead, the season 7 finale ended with LaGuerta’s death at the hands of a Morgan, but at the hands of Debra, not Dexter. Showtime has released a video (below) showing executive producer Scott Buck talking about LaGuerta’s death, what that scene meant for Dexter and Debra, and what’s coming up in season 8. According to Buck, that moment “forever bonds them together in tragedy… It takes them to a place that they have never been before.” While Buck admits it was hard to kill off LaGuerta, he adds that it’s important for Dexter. It certainly changes things and there’s the question of what this will mean for season 8, especially since Buck also reveals they’re not looking to just replace LaGuerta: “We want to feel the damage that Dexter has done.”

Something to note is that Buck also explains that the moment of Deb running to LaGuerta was not in the script. He calls it “the most over-powering moment,” and it was. The episode would not have been the same without it. Finally, Buck says that season 8 will see them exploring Dexter’s origin: “We’ll see new parts of Dexter that we were not aware existed.” After the finale, the season 8 premiere cannot get here fast enough.

Dexter season 7 finale Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime

What did you think of the Dexter season 7 finale? What do you think will happen in season 8?

Photos: Randy Tepper/Showtime

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