Diagnosis: Brain Tumor – Rehab Rematch

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Diagnosis: Brain Tumor – Rehab Rematch

It has been sixteen days since the tumor surgery that resulted in paralysis of my left hand.  What a roller coaster ride!  Last week I couldn’t shower or dress myself and this week I’ve accomplished amazing things.

Progress has been rapid and is a joyful experience.  Each achievement is actually a source of excitement.  “Watch this” I tell my husband as I successfully fasten my seat belt or type a few words on the keyboard.  The words to an old Sesame Street song run through my head “I can do it all by myself…..”

This week, I’ve run the vacuum, baked muffins, washed and folded laundry, cleaned my kitchen and much more. Performing simple tasks never meant much before and housework was way down on my list of favorite activities. Now, however, I celebrate my ability to do these tasks without help.  I confess that I had an incentive to regain control of the housekeeping…..

During the first week post-op, my darling husband tackled the laundry.  A natural do-it-yourself guy, he became a self-styled expert on nearly every household task when he retired a few years ago.  He plunged into the laundry baskets, creatively sorting colors into rather vague, if inclusive, groups.  Rather than waste time on delicate dryer settings, he set it to high heat for maximum performance.  Folding consisted of rolling the clothing into tight little bundles.  He assured me that it was done this way in the Army.  Watching him roll, I noticed that several of my favorite cotton shirts were smaller than before. The sacrifices we make for efficiency…

Being only vaguely familiar with my kitchen organization, he wasn’t really sure where things belonged, so he assigned new homes to some items. When I tried to find a bowl or pan, it was like a treasure hunt.  Hubby would assure me that he’d wash the dishes and clean up, but neglected to name a date.  I became disenchanted with the idea of household help, no matter how beloved the helper.

Cooking was interesting.   His first shopping trip netted a large supply of frozen pot pies, French fries, chips, crackers and assorted pastries.  Hubby is a master breakfast cook, so eggs have been on the menu and table daily.  Scrumptious as they are, eggs in various forms, including sandwiches, can get rather monotonous.  Prior to the surgery, I’d made and frozen some casseroles and meatloaves, none of which featured eggs as a main ingredient. These were quite a nice change.

Yesterday, I began planning menus and have resumed control of the laundry.  Performing household chores can be a big help to the progress of rehab and recovery.  All it takes is a little incentive.







This may not be the final installment of my journey. Throughout this ordeal, I have become aware of a growing change in myself.   I’m not sure where this journey is headed, but I am certain that things are changing for the better.  There is a new, positive, optimistic feeling rising in me.  I am eager to see where this leads me and will report on the next part of the journey.


Thank you all for your friendship and support.  God bless you.





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