Diagnosis: Brain Tumor – Rehabilitation The Journey Back Begins

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Diagnosis: Brain Tumor – Rehabilitation

The Journey Back Begins

Until I lost the use of my left hand, I’d had no idea that so many daily tasks require two hands.  Trying to shower and dress myself was frustrating.  I needed my husband’s help and he was very supportive and patient.

I kept working my hand, doing the exercises recommended by the hospital therapists, but without much result.  I felt deeply discouraged and angry over the loss of my hand.  I needed some encouragement, which came from several sources.

First, a home health care nurse visited us and worked up a treatment plan.  She had seen similar cases and assured me that recovery was possible.  Next, I received a phone call from my cousin, a physical therapist, who has also seen people recover from this type of paralysis.  Third, Connie C. reached out to me with her own story of healing from paralysis that was more extensive than mine.  My spirits rose….

Signing on to Gather, I was greeted with dozens of good wishes and assurances of prayer, encouragement and support.  Connie C. featured me in her Today on Gather column.  Kevin E. posted a tribute to me!  My spirits soared……

I’ve been working at home with a therapist for about a week now and can open and close my hand, turn and lift my wrist, shower and dress myself and am even typing this essay with both hands.  The left is still weak and clumsy, but it is learning.  I am amazed that so much healing could happen so quickly.  A paralyzed limb can never remember the skills it had before, but it can be re-taught.

The estimated time for full recovery varies, but is measured in months.  From this incident, I am learning patience, acceptance and determination.  Without taking risks, I let my left hand try whatever tasks it can manage.  The arm is ready, but the hand and fingers are still confused.

I have a feeling that this problem will turn out to be a blessing. I feel very positive and optimistic.  I have laughed more in the past week than in the past two months.  I am grateful to God for His mercy and to my friends for providing the encouragement I needed.  I hope to be able to supply the same kind of support to others when necessary.  A few hopeful, positive words can change a person’s life.  Believe me!




Continued…..Diagnosis: Brain Tumor – Rehab Rematch


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