Diamonds a Possibility in Cancer Treatment

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Tiny diamonds, called nanodiamonds, are now being looked at by cancer researchers for their possible use in late stage liver and breast cancer treatments. Researchers have taken usually lethal levels of chemotherapy and attached it to the small diamonds. The diamonds are able to penetrate tumors that were normally chemo-resistant and actually shrink them.

The “diamond therapy” has only been tested on mice thus far, but the results are pretty convincing. Tumor sizes in the study were smallest in the mice treated with the diamonds. Many other tests showed that the same levels of chemotherapy given to mice without the nanodiamond were lethal. Any lower levels of the drug weren’t effective on the advanced cancer.

This new treatment could even be considered eco-friendly. Nanodiamonds are the result of explosions including those in coal mines, oil refineries, and they are even possibly from meteorites. With so much waste happening around the world, it’s nice to know that someone is trying to use actual waste product to save peoples lives.

Im ENGAGED!While it may take awhile for this new treatment to become available because it still has yet to be tested on people, it looks promising. Being from a family with a high cancer rate, itÂ’s comforting to know that there are actual breakthroughs being made in cancer research. This new discovery gives hope that someday there may actually be a cure for cancer.

Everyone always says diamonds are a girlÂ’s best friend; hopefully, one day soon, they really will be.

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