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Over lunch she tells me how

she has taken care of her -

very good care:

She washes her linens, cooks

her meals, handles her correspondence.

Yes, she has done this for years – numerous years.

And now, near the end, she's been given diamonds,

small earrings

but diamonds nevertheless.

They are filthy these diamonds.

They need to be scrubbed vigorously, soaked too.


The meal is over and there is no dessert.

I am told, however, there are larger diamonds -

the one's she really wants.  She hopes the

other daughter-in-law does not get them.

"She does not deserve them and it would

not be right, even though she is prettier

and they would look beautiful on her."  And,

she is fearful that this could be the case.

Diamonds, I muse:  cold, brilliant, genuine,

expensive and more importantly -





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