Diana Frey is Missing

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Diana Frey, the union leader for Cincinnati employees, is missing under suspicious circumstances. Police are investigating the woman’s disappearance, which has come as a shock to the city and those who know her intimately.

The blonde, middle-aged woman is the president of CODE, or Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees union. Investigators are not commenting on which investigative branch is overseeing this “missing persons” case, which is leaving a lot of room for speculation. Could she have been abducted, absconded or harmed in some way? It isn’t known, as of yet.

In fact, everyone is being very hush-hush about the disappearance of Diana Frey. When asked about her whereabouts, union leaders claimed to not know “where she is currently. Diana Frey is not available. And that’s about all we can say.” So could this be something foretelling of a scandal within the union leaders in Cincinnati, or are imaginations just starting to run wild at the lack of information in this case?

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