Diane Downs Children Now: Rebecca Babcock on 20/20 Speaks Out as Her Seed…!

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Rebecca Babcock is on of the children of Diane Downs and she spoke on 20/20 on their Friday May 15, 2010 edition at 10 pm. Diane Downs was from Oregon and she was accused and then convicted of shooting her own children. The shooting of her children resulted in the death of one child, while seriously injuring the other two children back in 1983.

Diane Downs trial actually occurred in 1984. Oddly enough, while the shooting occurred Downs was pregnant with child. Her daughter was born only 10 days before her sentencing. The daughter of Diane Downs is Rebecca Babcock who was adopted and raised up just 100 miles away from her mother in prison.

Babcock has chosen to share her story about “being the seed of a monster and how that legacy has shaped her life.” Knowing that your mother was shooting your family members while you were in her womb must be mind boggling and unsettling in your spirit. Bless her heart.

Rebecca Babcock seems to have turned out wonderful. I am glad people chose to adopt Rebecca Babcock and make her part of their family. Her life could have turned out so incredibly differently. I am still left wondering what happened to Diane Downs Children and what they look like now and how their lives turned out?

Diane Downs children now

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