Dianna Agron Hangs Out on the Set of ‘Glee’

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Dianna Agron has been photographed quite a bit lately, whether it be running everyday errands or on the set of the show that made her famous, Glee. And somehow she always looks great. Earlier this year, Agron was spotted providing perhaps the biggest spoiler on Glee when she was snapped filming for the show in a wheelchair after her character’s car accident. Other than that, there are plenty of photos floating around of her getting gas, going grocery shopping, and just hanging out.

The latest photo? Just hanging out—on the set of Glee in between takes. And while her expression is somewhat amusing, she still looks fantastic; perhaps shooting for graduation or something requiring extra primping. As Perez Hilton posted, she definitely appears to be giving a “WTF” face, kind of telling the photographers that all she wants to do is relax for a few minutes without hearing clicks and seeing flashes everywhere she turns. But unfortunately, it seems that’s the price of fame nowadays, no privacy.

Well, hopefully for Dianna Agron, the money will continue to roll in even after her role on Glee ends. If this isn’t her last season, next season will most likely be the end for her and most of the cast America has grown to love. Best of luck to her. Keep on looking gorgeous, girl!

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