Dianna Agron spills ‘Glee’ secret at Emmys: ‘I’m a very bad girl’

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Attention Glee fans! Dianna Agron dished about the upcoming season on the red carpet for the 2011 Emmy Awards. The young star was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and when he asked if she could share any secrets, she did!

When asked, she told the famous E! host, “I’m a very bad girl.” When Ryan Seacrest then asked what this meant, she giggled and then said, “You know, hanging under the bleachers and acting like a skank.” Will there be a big turn from the character of Quinn Fabray? The new season of Glee starts this Tuesday on September 20th and the season’s secrets have been kept under lock and key. Will Dianna Agron be in trouble for slipping up this big news?

Are you excited to see Dianna Agron playing a bad girl again on Glee? Many fans will find this a nice change after she was such a good girl last season.

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