Did Ali Fedotowsky and Rob Kardashian Hook Up?

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Did Ali Fedotowsky (of Bachelorette fame) and Rob Kardashian hook up while the two were judging the Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas in early June? Rumor has it, Ali made no bones about her intention of trying to “get with” the Kardashian boy.

In a recent tabloid report, Ali Fedotowsky was painted as the aggressor. “Ali’s goal all weekend was to hook up with Rob, and she kept telling friends it would happen.”

So did Ali and Rob ever get together? As it turns out, the answer is a resounding no. This is probably a good thing as cross-pollination of reality television stars isn’t a good thing, is it? Actually, not only did the two never hook up, but the entire tabloid rumor is a fabricated story.

The funny thing is, it was Ali Fedotowsky’s representatives that were quick to shoot down the Vegas hook-up rumor. No word from the Kardashian camp, though with a rumor like this, they might possibly let it linger to get the publicity.

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