Did Ali Lohan get botox?

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Whether or not her modeling agency, mother, or sister want to admit that Ali Lohan had some kind of work done, it is obvious that the aspiring model looks different.

But why?

Now, many plastic surgeons are giving their professional opinion as to what Lohan may or may not have had done. The theory that her team is giving is being widely unaccepted. She looks different because she’s getting older? Doubtful.

She appears to have lost a lot of weight and one surgeon says that could contribute to her face looking so skinny. However, another plastic surgeon has a different professional opinion: Botox.

Yes, Botox—the treatment that was once intended for older women hoping to hide those embarrassing wrinkles. Botox was not invented to make young girls look like these older women using the treatment, but if that is indeed what Ali Lohan had done, it is definitely making her look older.

Dr. Gary Alter, a plastic surgeon out of Beverly Hills, California (so, it’s safe to assume that he deals with this kind of thing constantly), says Ali’s current appearance is simply “unnatural.”

He said to RadarOnline, “It’s obvious to me that her eyebrows are higher than they were before. There doesn’t appear to be much moment on her forehead, and she looks like she has had Botox. Botox can actually raise eyebrows and get some of the wrinkles out.”

Father, Michael Lohan, has spoken out and said that, “It’s scary to see my daughter looking like this.” He notes, however, that Ali has always been a thin girl.

If Ali Lohan did have Botox, or any other plastic surgery for that matter, it truly is sad. Her before pictures showed a gorgeous 17-year-old girl with so much potential. Now, she appears to be going down the same path as the other Lohans.

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