Did Angelea Preston Win ‘ANTM’? Winner Lisa D’Amato Responds

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The disqualification of Angelea Preston from America’s Next Top Model left fans searching for answers. All Stars runner-up Allison Harvard and winner Lisa D’Amato have been giving interviews, but neither revealed much regarding Angelea or her sudden absence. Though in a new interview with D’Amato, she reveals some new information and defends her title.

The final judging took place in Los Angeles between Lisa and Allison with the judges only saying that Angelea had been disqualified. The fact that the judging did not take place in Greece led some to speculate that, in Greece, Angelea had actually won the title of America’s Next Top Model All Star.

So, what does the winner, Lisa D’Amato, think about that? She tell’s UsWeekly:

This is an elimination competition show, and girls get eliminated each week. So it’s part of the process. It’s the nature of the beast. At the end of the day, at the end of the competition—checkmate. I won. I knew in my heart I was the winner of All-Stars.

Lisa sounds a little defensive, but she has every right to be. Since the finale aired, the majority of talk has been surrounding Angelea, when it should have been about Lisa. All three finalists were good models and deserving of the title, but Lisa stood out with her outgoing personality and drive.

Angelea has announced that she will address the rumors this weekend.

Do you think Angelea Preston was the real winner of America’s Next Top Model?

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