Did Angelina Jolie Call Off Wedding to Brad Pitt?

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Has Angelina Jolie called off her wedding to Brad Pitt? The two became engaged back in April, and there were hints of a surprise wedding in France over the summer, but nothing panned out. Now it seems the wedding is “on hold,” but some say that’s inside-speak for “called off.”

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Angelina loves her work. Some believe she loves it even more than she loves Brad Pitt. A source recently asked her about wedding plans and she rolled her eyes–disregarding the question.

“S**angelina jolie and brad pitt - Hollywood, FLhe rolled her eyes and gave them the brush-off. Judging from her attitude, I doubt she’ll ever marry him,” the source says. “Angelina just wants to focus on work and is always talking about it. It’s her No. 1 priority. She would happily work constantly.”

It was just days ago that Jennifer Aniston’s huge engagement ring caught the attention of photographers, and some questioned whether she or Angelina had the better ring. Maybe Angelina just likes the notion of having a man who wants to marry her. Could that be enough for her?

“When the mention of a wedding was brought up recently, Angelina laughed. It’s clear she has no intention of marrying Brad anytime soon,” the source adds.

Do you think Angelina Jolie has called off her wedding to Brad Pitt or is she simply putting Brad Pitt and the idea of a wedding off? Doesn’t it pretty much amount to the very same thing?

Do you think Brad and Angie will ever get married?

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