Did anyone watch Jon and Kate plus Eight last night?

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Well I did and I was crying before the episode even started because the episode before started dealing with the divorce. Papers were filed in Pennsylvania on june 22nd 2009 for divorce.

So sad. I think that the jumping the gun and saying Jon was cheating or Kate was cheating is a misnomer on the part of fans. Last night they explained that this was coming for a long time and they were not “together for a long while”.

Kate looked genuinely sad and Jon stated that this was both sad and exciting at the same time.  They seem to be fine with it except for the Failure part for Kate. More than her marriage dissapating, she is concerned with failing. There are worse things! I know I failed and then I moved on.

The kids will remain in the house and the parents will be absent when it is not there weekend or week. They will both still partake in the show. Just at seperate times.

I cried probably because I am divorced and know what they were feeling with each spouse respectively. My husband never as much as took his kids overnight and support? Forgetaboutit! So I know what she is going through but she has it easy with no money problems.
In that she has NO IDEA how hard life really is. when all you have to do is order groceries and buy eight matching outfits. PLEASE I was glad when my kids socks matched and many days they didnt!

Did you see the tractor this guy owns(jon) talk about a frivolous expense! Bigger than the family van and like a tank. Geez I wish I had a car! Is that awful to be jealous of their spending ways? Oh well.

Good luck Jon Good luck Kate and good luck Eight!

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