Did Ashley Greene break Joe Jonas’ heart?

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Ashley Greene may have broken Joe Jonas’ heart! People previously believed that Joe wasn’t as in to the Breaking Dawn actress as she was in to him, causing their relationship to end. However, Joe hinted that he has gotten his heart broken in the past… and he suggests that he was the one that got dumped at least once.

“I’ve been heartbJoeJonasSep10roken. People like to think it’s only girls that wind up heartbroken, but I’ve also had it happen to me. I have been the one to end relationships. Sometimes, but not always,” he told TWIST Magazine (via Hollywood Life).

Joe’s most recent girlfriends include Demi Lovato, Ashley Greene, Camilla Belle, and Taylor Swift, but most people believe that Joe did all of the dumping when these relationships went south. Who do you think actually dumped Joe? Could it have been Ashley Greene? The two were really hot and heavy for a while before suddenly parting ways. Perhaps it was Demi Lovato—don’t you wish they’d get back together?

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