Did Ashton Kutcher Punk Police With A Phony Home-Invasion Call?

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Did Ashton Kutcher take his pranks a bit too far recently? Someone made it look like the Two and a Half Men star punked police with a phony home invasion call. It’s a good thing looks are often deceiving. Otherwise Ashton could find himself in hot water. Here’s what took place.

The police got information, via teletype, that intruders had broken into Ashton’s home and that he’d hidden in the bathroom. They were also told a shooting had occurred.

Cleon Joseph, a Los Angeles Police Officer, said they “responded accordingly”. Expecting a hostage situation, the L.A.P.D. went in full force with helicopters and everything else at their disposal. Only when they arrived at the Kutcher house, nothing was out-of-place.

There were three men present at the residence, none of which was the actor. The men didn’t seem to know what the police were talking about, reporting that all was fine. They did, however, let the authorities search the place.

As it turns out, the call was a hoax and one that Ashton most likely didn’t perpetrate. Maybe it was a punk on the punker, so to speak. At any rate, the police intend to find out who made the report. “We’re going to get detectives on it,” they promised. They have means to trace the teletype to see from where it originated.

As for Ashton Kutcher, he isn’t say much although he did tweet, “Safe and Sound at Two And A Half Men.”

The latest hoax isn’t the first one pulled on L.A.’s best. They were also called to Miley Cyrus’ home late this summer on a fake break-in call.

Apparently someone thinks it’s funny to waste tax-payer money and police resources. However, if they’re found, they may find themselves sorry. They could face serious consequences, not the least of which could be paying back all the money their prank wasted.

What do you think? Are these kinds of pranks funny in the slightest? Sound off below.

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