Did ‘Breaking Dawn’ Break up Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene?

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Joe Jonas has a hidden message in his new hit single—or maybe not. Did Breaking Dawn play a role in his breakup with Ashley Greene? Or not? These days, it’s hard to tell what lyrics may be hinting.

Everyone knows certain artists—think Taylor Swift—like to use their lyrics to send little notes to their fans about a lost love or perhaps an ex they’d like to bash. Nothing too blatant, since the idea is to keep fans guessing. And talking. And listening to their stuff.

Joe Jonas, in his single “Love Slayer” may have a File:JoeJonasSep10 2.jpgmessage about his breakup with Breaking Dawn‘s Ashley Greene. The line goes: “All of my friends, they tried to warn me / They told me she would hunt me.” Hollywood Life asks the question: is he talking about Ashley Greene and her vampire role? Is she the huntress he fears?

There’s a lot about hunting in the Twilight saga. The Cullens frequently go off on hunting trips, to seek the blood that sustains them. Alice—Ashley Greene’s part—likes to do her food-searching in a cocktail dress and killer heels. But Joe Jonas is safe. Alice never hunts men, she hunts elk and deer and cougar. The Cullens are “vegetarian vampires”, not man killers.

Obviously, this whole line of reasoning is a stretch, but hey, “Love Slayer” is only a song! If fans like to think of bloody fangs coming at Joe, no problem there. Just so they keep listening.

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