Did Bret Michaels engagement help his ratings?

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By now, most people know that rocker Bret Michaels is engaged. What people don’t know is the reasoning behind the engagement.

Michaels has become this super likable guy that everyoDec. 6, 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. - Dec 6, 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - BRET MICHAELS arriving to the American Country Awards 2010 held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. © Red Carpet Picturesne really feels for. Despite his past, people see him in a new light. He seemingly cheated death, overcoming appendicitis and a brain hemorrhage and he won Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. After all of that mainstream news, people kept whispering about Michaels asking his longtime girlfriend, Kristi Gibson to marry him. However, Michaels didn’t ask for Gibson’s hand in marriage until the aired season finale of his television show, Life as I Know it (via MTV).

So was this engagement just a publicity stunt? It’s possible that Michaels popped the question on television for ratings, or maybe he just thought sharing that super personal, ultra special moment with the world was appropriate. Everyone kind of knew that Michaels would marry Gibson, but the proposal on the show was a little over the top, wasn’t it?

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