Did Britney Spears Drop Huge Lbs. for Simon Cowell, ‘X Factor?’

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Was Britney Spears forced to go on a crazy diet by Simon Cowell in order to keep her job on the ‘X Factor?’ Goodness, if Cheryl Cole can be let go because her accent is too thick, nothing would be shocking, would it?

Tabloid reports say that Britney (who along with Demi Lovato, and LA Reid walked off the show’s set the other day) is following Simon Cowell’s goofy diet. A tabloid source says that “Brit is supposed to start her day with oatmeal and tea,” and “end with steamed salmon or skinless chicken for dinner.”

The rumor goes on to say that she is also on some crazy smoothie kick that Simon is on. Thankfully, Britney Spears representative is setting the record straight on all of this. Brit isn’t on some strange diet. Leave it to the tabloids to try to make something up about Britney Spears in hopes to sell a few papers and create a controversy. Thankfully, there is no controversy here.

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