Did Camilla Belle Dump Tim Tebow Because He’s a Virgin?

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Camilla Belle had to know that breaking up with Tim Tebow would be awkward—now everyone is wondering if the actress dumped the NFL star because he’s a virgin who believes in saving himself for marriage.

Because of Tebow’s stance on sex, now poor Camilla looks a girl who wanted to get some so badly that she gave up on a relationship with someone who most see as a really good man. Tebow might not be the favorite player of many football fans, but even those who think that he’s a terrible quarterback can’t deny that he’s a respectful, charitable guy.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with a girl wanting to have sex with her boyfriend—it’s a very important, healthy part of a relationship as long as it’s safe. It’s probably just awkward to base a breakup on the lack of it.

But maybe Camilla Belle really did dump Tim Tebow because he’s a virgin. As The Huffington Post points out, Taylor Swift once sang about Camilla’s love of mattress-hopping. After Camilla “stole” Joe Jonas away from Taylor, Swifty wrote these scathing lyrics”

“She’s not a saint and she’s not what you think/ She’s an actress, whoa/ She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress.”

These lines from her tune “Better Than Revenge” are believed to be about Camilla.

So who should Camilla pursue now that she’s single and looking for a guy who isn’t so pure? She could always try to steal Taylor Swift’s new man, womanizing One Direction singer Harry Styles. Or perhaps she’ll try to stay relevant by pursuing Selena Gomez’s maybe-ex Justin Bieber—after all, he has proved that he has a thing for older brunettes who have dated Jonas Brothers.

So do you think that Camilla dumped Tim because he’s a virgin?

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