Did Charlie Sheen Say He’s Far From Having ‘Anger Management’ Issues?

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Charlie Sheen has announced his new sitcom Anger Management, and said it is a far cry from his own personality to play a guy with serious anger management issues. He just has to worry about his addiction and relationship issues or, wait, he doesn’t actually seem to worry enough about those issues.

Although Sheen’s character on Two and a Half Men was killed off, he’s moving on.

In fact, Hollywood is buzzing about Sheen’s upcoming pilot, but major networks are not getting in on the action just yet. Charlie is not the best role model, so some family-based networks might be hesitant to bring him on, but his out-of-control lifestyle and downward spiral has made him a ‘winner’ at one thing—attention. Some networks, however, are ready to take on this crazy actor because they know their ratings will skyrocket.

Sheen’s new show is to be produced by Lionsgate Television and his character will be a depiction of Jack Nicholson’s character on the movie Anger Management, where he stars alongside Adam Sandler. Also, this new show might be more down Sheen’s alley because it is supposed to be raunchier than Two and a Half Men.

Maybe Charlie Sheen should forget new shows for a while and check into rehab for real, before headlines pop up that he, and not just his television personality, is dead.

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