Did Chelsea Houska Hook Up with Adam Lind in New York City this Weekend?

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The Teen Mom 2 girls are in New York and that means the guys are there as well. Even though they may not be well suited for each other, Chelsea Houska ended up spending time with Adam Lind while there. Of course, this was likely unavoidable, but the two cozied up together for a Twitter pic and appeared to have a good time.

Now, though, there are rumors that the two may have hooked up while in the Big Apple. Chelsea is single so this wouldn’t be too big of a deal if Adam Lind wasn’t already dating (and living with!) a girl back in South Dakota. Adam has been with a girl named Taylor for a few months and the two seem to get along well, even spending a good deal of time with Aubree. However, Taylor did not go to New York City and it looks like, in hindsight, that may have not been a good decision.

Both Chelsea and Taylor have tweeted some things that insinuate something may have happened to cause Taylor to consider moving out of the place she shares with Adam. After she mentioned that she would soon be looking for a roommate, she revealed that it would take her time to get over what happened with Adam. She even said that he is good at breaking hearts. (Of course, viewers of Teen Mom 2 already knew that!) A friend of hers asked if it had something to do with someone who has the initials “C.H.” and Taylor replied, “How did you know?”

Ouch. That does not sound good and, even though fans have not yet met Taylor (she makes her debut in season 4), they still feel for her. Adam has not only broken Chelsea’s heart, but is now doing so to Taylor’s.

A friend of Chelsea’s tweeted, “Girls ALWAYS blame the girl instead of the real problem….the boyfriend,” something that retweeted, followed by a tweet that read, “Naive – A person who despite overwhelming blatant evidence is oblivious to what’s going on in his/her surroundings.”

There is no proof that Chelsea Houska was subtweeting that to Taylor, but it sure seems like it, especially since Taylor tweeted, “ok, lets be a homewrecker and put it on full blast for everyone to see. seriously talk about a #hyprocrite.”

No one has confirmed the vicious rumors, but Taylor’s tweet which read, “u hurt me in the worst way possible. then come back and tell me u want me and no one else.. to settle down.. how could i ever believe u now,” has a lot of people believing them.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are going to side with Chelsea simply because she is a Teen Mom. Rather than take sides, though, people should realize that Adam is playing both of these girls and that neither of them deserve this. The saddest part is that Aubree seems to enjoy spending time with Taylor and, if she and Adam do go their separate ways, how will Aubree take it?

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