Did Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell Kiss and Make-up?

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Once Cheryl Cole got the boot by Simon Cowell on US X Factor, it was difficult to believe that the two could ever be friendly again. Simon (and Fox executives) really did Chezza wrong by giving her the boot because of her accent. Why didn’t they think it would be a problem before they hired her instead of publicly humiliating her?

Still, Simon Cowell says that their friendship is still there:

I think it is, yeah – we text occasionally. I mean she’s not on the phone every night anymore, but she broke the ice when she sent me that funny birthday message. I thought it was hilarious. I loved her for it.

It makes one wonder if things between Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell will ever be the same again. Is it possible that Simon botched-up his friendship with Cheryl? He could have stuck by her, but instead he let her get thrown to the wolves:

I know when I’ve crossed the line a little bit. I thought there was going to be a big reaction. I wasn’t prepared for what was coming next. I had to apologize for the way it was handled.

It seems like he has apologized, at least a little, but that doesn’t mean that he and Cheryl Cole have completely kissed and made up. He may never get daily calls from her again. It probably serves Simon Cowell right, though. What Simon pulled was a pretty pathetic way to treat one’s friends, that’s for sure.

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