Did Cheryl Hines Play Role in Mary Kennedy Suicide?

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Did Cheryl Hines inadvertently play a role in Mary Kennedy’s suicide? Sources say she was distraught over the relationship her estranged husband Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was having with Hines.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Kennedy reportedly felt ‘lonely’ and ‘lost’ prior to her death. She also struggled with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s recent dalliances.

Cheryl Hines“‘She always seems lost these days, whenever she came into the village,” a neighbor says. “Lost and alone and sort of out of it.”

Since the Kennedy’s are still legally married, does that make Hines the proverbial other woman? Even though the two were estranged since 2010, they never officially divorced.

“She was deeply Mary Kennedytroubled, abusing alcohol and prescription meds,” the family friend said. “She had cause. She was used up and tossed away by Bobby. That was awful.”

Used up, tossed away, and then watching her husband cavort with a famous actress. Could this affair have lent itself to Mary Kennedy’s death? Do you think Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Cheryl Hines are feeling an responsibility at all about her reported suicide?

Only God knows what Mary Kennedy was thinking at the time she supposedly took her own life. It seems her husband and Cheryl Hines may become a point of contention–especially for the surviving Kennedy children–in the weeks and months to come.

What’s your take on this unfortunate situation?

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