Did Comic Con Ticket Servers Crash Because of ‘Twilight’ Fans?

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Tickets to Comic Con 2011 in San Diego went on sale early this morning, but thanks to an overflow on the servers of ticket sales site TicketLeap, most fans anxious to buy tickets to the most popular convention in the world found themselves staring at an error message instead. Some might blame the event organizers or even the website for not being up to handling the anticipated traffic, but true comic book fans know where the real blame is due: “Twilight” fans.

Comic Con San Diego, once the Mecca of costumed comic book collectors has grown into what some might call a Hollywood monstrosity in recent years. While it was once possible to purchase tickets to the event on site, these days it sells out in advance, thanks mostly to Hollywood’s infiltration of the once self-proclaimed geek convention.

Those same angry comic geeks took to Twitter this morning to vent their frustrations over the problems with the TicketLeap site, sending the hash-tag #SDCC soaring to the top of the trending chart. Aside from general anger and pointing of fingers some went as far as to blame “Twilight” fans for the ticket debacle since the “Twilight” cast is rumored to be attending Comic Con this year.

With comic books and graphic novels becoming an immensely popular medium for film adaptation recently, the marriage of Hollywood and Comic Con certainly makes sense. What was once a simple convention hall filled with Klingons and and Storm Troopers haggling over the price of plastic sleeved comic book collections has grown into a one-stop PR shop for Hollywood’s tent-pole summer blockbusters. The convention halls are now packed with film and television fans hoping to rub elbows with their favorite stars and watch secret trailers of upcoming films. Some attendees may not even be there to buy a single comic, so it really comes as no surprise that some anger is directed towards those “Twilight” fans.

Has Comic Con been completely taken over by Hollywood? It would certainly appear so. Can it even be called a comic book convention anymore? What do you think?

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