Did Courtland Rogers Propose to Jenelle Evans?

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Jenelle Evans may have claimed that she and her boyfriend Courtland Rogers weren’t engaged just a couple of days ago, even though she was wearing an engagement ring. However, it looks as though last night, that all changed for the Teen Mom 2 star when Courtland got down on one knee.

Last night, Jenelle took to her Facebook page to announce, “Courtland has a surprise for me so he wanted me to tell everyone that we aren’t engaged yet but that there is a surprise. Idk qhwn it will be but I’m very happy and excited!” Then, just a half hour later, Courtland told fans, “I am about to get down on one knee infront of Jenelle…are yall ready?” Likely, everyone was ready considering the bridal set she’s been wearing all week. However, one can’t help but wonder, are they really ready?

Sure, they live together and are committed, but they’ve only been dating for two months and seem to have a few personal issues they should be focusing on. For instance, Courtland and his daughter’s mother are in the midst of a messy custody battle and Jenelle, who became engaged to Gary Head earlier this year, doesn’t even have custody of her own child.

Plus, what is the rush? They are both young and simply being together in a relationship should be enough.

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