Did Courtney Love Kill Daughter’s Pets?

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Courtney Love is one train-wreck that keeps on keepin’ on. The death-defying hot mess is in the news again after details surfaced regarding a restraining order taken out against her by Frances Bean Cobain. In 2009, the daughter–shared between Love and deceased Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain–alleged that her mother “killed” their pets.

Frances Bean Cobain alleged in the previously sealed documents that Courtney Love was a hoarder who suffered from a pill addiction, which led to the deaths of her cat and dog. Her pet cat reportedly died after getting tangled in fabric and assorted hoarder treasures collected by the troubled “singer.” Furthermore, Frances’s pet dog died after ingesting some of Courtney’s pills.

From the looks of these documents, it seems that living with Courtney Love is like something straight out of a horror movie and it’s fortunate that Frances Bean has been able to get out and move on with her life. Living under her mother’s roof must’ve been traumatic; not healthy for anybody who wants to retain their sanity. At least that’s what the documents make apparent. It’s alleged that Love lived off a steady diet of pills, sugar and cigarettes and rarely ate. These details and a host of other intimate secrets can be read in Courtney Comes Clean by Maer Roshan.

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