Did Demi Lovato Miss Grammy Awards Because She Was Back in Rehab?

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Did Demi Lovato miss the 2012 Grammy Awards last Sunday because of a relapse and subsequent trip back into rehab? Is that why the Skyscraper singer wasn’t there to walk the red carpet or hand out awards?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Demi hasn’t relapsed. And in fact, she wasn’t even scheduled to present at the Grammy Awards. Her rep confirmed this fact.

Demi Lovato“She’s not in rehab. She was not supposed to present at the Grammys.”

On February 12th, it seems Demi decided to let her Twitter followers know exactly where she was and what she was doing, however–and it simply sounds like she’s taking the necessary steps to take really good care of herself–body and mind.

“Away on a mind and body cleansing retreat!! This is exciting. Won’t be tweeting much this week but I love you my sweet lovatics!” she tweeted

“Demi had a week off between work commitments and made the personal decision to spend the week with the professional support team she assembled to help her with her ongoing physical and emotional issues. The trip was previously planned. Demi’s recovery is an ongoing battle. She understands that there will be ups and downs, but is fully committed to working with her team every single day towards a healthy future,” the source explains.

Good for Demi Lovato. Rehab is an ongoing process that those with substance or alcohol abuse issues must maintain for the rest of their lives. Demi had scheduled this time as a means of ensuring her control over her demons was in check. She could have opted to spend her week off at parties or shopping with girlfriends–which likely would have been more fun–but she chose the high road instead.

Substance and alcohol abuse doesn’t just go away once a sufferer has been to rehab. Many alcoholics and drug addicts attend 12-step group meetings for the rest of their lives. Demi Lovato is fortunate to have this sort of option available to her for her continued recovery. She made a very wise decision to utilize it.

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