Did Donald Trump’s Kids Tell Him to Back Off on Obama Bashing?

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Donald Trump has been more than outspoken over the past few years about his feelings for President Obama and the New York Daily News is reporting that some close family members have recently called him out on it. NYC’s own king of crazy reportedly met with Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump to ask dear old dad to turn down the Obama bashing a notch. Trump’s representatives have denied any meeting took place.

The Kids Are All Right

If this is true, then maybe the America has something to look forward to with the young heirs of the Trump fortune. After all, at least someone that likes Donald Trump is making an attempt to do the right thing. It’s not always easy telling a family member or a friend they are making a fool out of themselves, especially when they can make or break your future with one phone call or swipe of a pen.

File:Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore.jpgStill, some say this is just a power play on the part of the future leaders of the Trump Empire to protect their namesake company’s image. But this is Donald Trump, he has always been outspoken on things, or as some would say, ‘very passionate about what he believes in.’

The Bottom Line Is Hurting

But, this time Trump is experiencing some backlash from his four year long tirade against the president. Recently Macy’s, a major retailer of Trump merchandise, came under attack for its ties to Donald Trump. During a crucial time for retailers, customers are now protesting the nearly century-old department store giant. Now, can Trump’s kids use this latest protest to put a lid on dad?

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